At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia we dedicate part of our activities to the law of franchising, which involves a commercial activity that is carried out pursuant to a contract by which the franchisor concedes to the franchisee a licence to use its name, trademark, products or services in exchange for a financial payment agreed in the same contract. It should be made clear that in these cases although the franchisee is the owner of his or her business, it depends on the generic commercial chain, and this entails that the franchisor is responsible for the management and organisational model of the business.

At our law firm we offer clients the best team made up of professionals from the different areas of the law that are relevant in these proceedings. Above all, our work in arbitrations, contracts, employment and tax law should be highlighted.

GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia law firm provides a wide variety of services related to the law of franchising. Among the most noteworthy are advice on franchises generally, starting up a franchise, protecting the trademark of the franchisor, and advice on and assistance with the preparation and signing of the franchise agreement, as well as tax, employment, leasing and other matters.

Furthermore, our lawyers offer a service of preventative advice for franchisors, carrying out a thorough review of the different legal parts of the business in question. By so doing, we seek to improve the legal processes of the company concerned, and avoid possible hiccups in the performance of its business activity.

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