Lawyer and partner of the firm

Joined the company in: 1994

Pablo Atencia Robledo

Office: Málaga
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Practice Areas
  • Graduate in Law by the University of Malaga (1993).
  • Experience in procedural, commercial, civil and banking law.
  • AD-1 Course (Senior Business Management. Year 2013-2014) at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo (Seville and Malaga).
  • Experience in the management of assets.
  • Judicial practices at the Escuela de Práctica Jurídica of the Malaga Bar Association and many courses on mortgage, urban and commercial-related subjects, and public speaking for lawyers.
Professional experience

He is a lawyer and partner at GVA & ATENCIA. Pablo joined Atencia Abogados in 1993 as a partner and member of the second generation of the family firm, which was originally founded by his father in 1953. He collaborated with the growth, organisation and adaptation to the new needs of the clients and the firm itself. Pablo specialised in civil, commercial and procedural law, and has gained great expertise acting in courthouses and collaborating with the media.

Thanks to this, Pablo has a profound experience in advising companies and private clients, especially in the financial, real estate and services sectors, not to mention in the global management of wealth.

To successfully serve the clients and strengthen their loyalty to the firm, Pablo has managed cohesive teams involved in their needs, with a friendly nature and fully available attitude, efficiently adapting the departments to the immediate requirements of the clients.

In his day-to-day, he is in charge of providing comprehensive advice to companies and private clients of the financial, real estate and service sectors, forming teams around each client to address their needs in an immediate and efficient manner, at all times and in any branch of law. For example, he engages in the international expansion of the clients or the planning of the following generations of family businesses, through family protocols and dedicated involvement in the business.

Pablo is an expert banking, civil, commercial, procedural and asset management lawyer. His ability to manage and coordinate teams that offer immediate and comprehensive services to each client are outstanding.

Close and attentive

He always addresses cases with utmost closeness and empathy towards the client, becoming involved in each case as it if it were the most important, putting the and personnel and equipment at the entire disposal of the client

Pablo has taught courses on civil liability, data protection and general tax aspects, and is a regular collaborator with the media (newspaper, radios and local televisions) in legal, business and general topics regarding the city of Malaga. He has always been involved in the social and institutional spheres of Malaga since a very young age.

With a public service vocation, Pablo has actively participated in charities and brotherhoods of the Holy Week in Malaga, being the Elder Brother of the Students’ Brotherhood for ten years (2000-2010). He has also been a public prosecutor and first vice president of the Group of Brotherhoods for 12 years (2000-2012).

In addition, he is a member of the Steering Committee for the firm, combining his professional activity of lawyer with that of a manager in an organisation, and he is member of the Board of Directors and the Board of Partners