At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia we have a team of lawyers with notable experience of all the issues relating to renewable energy installations and infrastructure, at both national and international level. Our lawyers have represented clients with regard to the various types of renewable energy: wind, geothermic, hydro, tidal, solar, biomass and so on.

We offer global advice in this field, covering all the legal issues that may arise during the stages of the procedure in question or from the applicable legislation. Our law firm accepts instructions from a diverse range of clients: companies and organisations from the public and private sectors, including individuals, and suppliers of renewable energies. In the same vein, one of our priorities lies in the relationship between the companies which supply these energies and the contracting party (whether another company or an individual).

Other services offered by GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia as regards renewable energies are, for example, administrative law regulation, assistance with the preparation of contracts in the sector, resolution of and representation in disputes and infractions, and procurement processes, along with many others.

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