GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia has a specialist team in family and inheritance law which efficiently co-ordinates the working relationships of its members.

Our law firm gives legal and other advice in matters relating to family and inheritance law. In addition to offering a personalised service to every client, we keep clients right up to date with every development in their cases. We advise on the best way to draw up a will.

The areas in which our lawyers regularly act with success include separations and divorces, unmarried partners, family mediation, custody, interim measures, filiations and adoptions, guardianship and child protection, inheritance of family businesses, and incapacitations and inheritances.

We are aware of the uncomfortable nature of these procedures and we resolve them in the least intrusive manner.

At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia we also offer our clients a large number of specialists in family protocols, through which we provide an effective tool that allows clients to regulate and assume ownership, succession and government of the family firm. Thus situations which may lead to tensions between family and firm are avoided. Our team advises on all aspects of law that regulate fund management as well as investment in any type of asset.

This team is made up of professionals from various fields who are key in the resolution of this type of procedure, including experts in mergers and acquisitions, company, administrative, property, employment and tax law.