At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia law firm we have the best professionals in the sector, offering legal advice and consultancy to any company.

Within the IT and Telecommunications Department we find different sets of services: legal advice and consultancy for businesses with a science/technology base, legal advice and IT law consultancy for any type of business, and court proceedings.

Just like other businesses, companies with a science/technology base need legal advice that articulates, plans and implements the due “legal basis” of the business activity as a whole, aimed at enabling the company to develop within the legal frameworks, and in turn protect the assets of the company. However, due to the sector in which it operates, the legal advice or assistance requires pre-existing technical knowledge which makes it possible to know the specific needs of such businesses so as to provide the appropriate solutions. In no way can such a service be successfully provided by “generalist” or “traditional” lawyers.

At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia, we offer a friendly and personalised approach, always safeguarding the interests of individuals and companies.

IT law advisory services for any type of business or public authority. Every company and public administration is incorporating new technologies at the heart of its organisation: information systems, e-commerce, online marketing, e-billing, e-administration services, and so on.

In that regard, we again find ourselves in the situation of meeting a demand, hitherto not serviced or inadequately so, which arises directly from the use of e-incorporation of these technological aspects in the business. We seek to provide services advising companies on the “legal” use of IT incorporation into the business, allowing it to be used safely.

All the preceding services are part of preventative work, but on certain occasions clients require legal assistance when they have a specific problem. Therefore, we provide services of administrative and court representation, as well as pursuing out-of-court solutions to the issues arising from the above-mentioned services. This item includes the civil and criminal areas, in the specific fields.