At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia we offer the best team expert in tenders, which in law involves those public authority procedures whose purpose is the purchase of supplies, the provision of services or the execution of building work by or for public sector bodies and entities.

Our law firm has full knowledge of tender processes at national and international level, and of the public institutions and their workings. Therefore we can offer clients a global, quality service as demonstrated by the many cases in which we have secured favourable outcomes.

At our law firm we are aware of the peculiarities which arise in the different stages of a tender process. During the stage in which the tender is announced, we seek the greatest transparency and efficacy on the part of public sector entities, backed up by publications in official gazettes and on websites of institutions. In the second stage, at which the process is opened and the taking of bids begun, the minimum criteria required by the institutions for the selection of companies must have been drafted equitably.

During the final stage –the award of the contract to the company that has met all the requirements– our main concern is transparency in the process, accompanied by coherent and lawful reasoning for the final choice.

In addition, the lawyers at GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia have extensive experience of all types of contracts under which tenders are classified, as well as the different procedures by which a contract of this type can be processed.

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