Lawyer and partner of the firm

Joined the company in: 1997

Eduardo Ruiz Martín

Office: Málaga
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Practice Areas
  • Graduate in Law by the University of Malaga (1994).
  • Executive Master in Business Administration by ESESA Málaga (1999).
  • He spent six months in the United Kingdom (Riversdown House, Winchester) improving his English.
  • He spent three years studying to sit the competitive examination to access a career in the judiciary.
  • He completed the first cycle of the Legal Practice studies at the Escuela de Práctica Jurídica in Malaga in 1998.
Professional experience

He occupies the position of Partner-Lawyer and head of the Financial Entities and Insurance Department. Prior to starting his activity as a lawyer and combining it with his training period in a law firm, he worked at a major financial entity as a member of the office staff, performing several different administrative functions in various branches. This is how banking became a part of his career plan, until Eduardo voluntarily left this job to pursue his real vocation, which was no other than the world of Law.

Before the incorporation of GVA & ATENCIA, to which joined as a partner since its creation, Eduardo developed his professional activity by the hand of this colleague and teacher, Ramón Gómez-Villares, with whom he began his internship in 1997, when the latter developed his professional activity as an independent lawyer. He had always been very close to him as a member of the firm Gómez-Villares y Álvarez Abogados, S.L. until the incorporation of the actual firm.

Since the beginning of GVA & ATENCIA, he has formed part of the Financial Entity and Insurance Department, a department that he now heads. He focuses on the so-called “multi-case clients”, that is, clients that refer a large number of judicial or extrajudicial cases for their processing, requiring an orderly execution thereof, with constant and timely updates.

These updates are given on a daily basis and are processed, through virtual platforms where the information is uploaded, both by the client or the law firm, forming a very advanced working tool. The firm, with the passing of time, has specialised in these types of clients, offering them a comprehensive service at all levels: administrative, out-of-court and, of course, in court.

Everyone is aware of the changes that have occurred in recent years in terms of legislation on loans granted by banking entities, concerning the figure of borrower/consumer or user. This has meant a constant training and continuous research work to apply the latest regulations to the daily work of the firm.

In the insurance field, Eduardo develops both extrajudicial (preparation of reports, transactions…) and judicial (preparation of criminal and civil trials, enforcement of judgements…) activities, which he completes with administrative tasks focused on keeping the client fully updated on the developments of the case or addressing any queries they may have. All this means that it is a very dynamic department, where they combine the daily activity of highly experienced lawyers with the constant training of the colleagues that join the department as part of their learning process..

Financial entities and insurance companies

In this field, José Eduardo Ruiz Martin works mainly with banking entities and insurance companies. As a result, and after 18 years of hard work, he has gained a great deal of expertise to develop the activity he performs. He stands out for his perfect knowledge of the subject matter and the “multi-case client”, both in the internal organisation to process and control the assignments entrusted, and the constant management of the information that these require in respect of the progress of this cases.

His absolute devotion towards his job is outstanding. He tries to teach the lawyers that form part of the firm, both on a permanent basis and during training, the feeling of utmost devotion and satisfaction for a job well done. He is a firm believer that there is no better way of transmitting something than being an actual example of it.

As for his way of dealing with cases, according to his words, each case is a world of its own and several factors are involved, which means that different techniques must be used for one same topic and, possibly, the same solution until its conclusion To do this, we must bear in mind both the specifics of the client and the basis of the particular case, seen in conjunction with our knowledge and experience, which should lead us to offer the clients the best possible solutions, even if these may be contrary to their initial claims. It is not about having clients believe that each case has a favourable solution. It is about offering the client the best possible solution from our knowledge and experience, whatever the nature of the solution may be.

Finally, José Eduardo Ruiz Martin has taught training courses for the employees of some of the financial entities, clients of the firm, in terms of the judicial recovery of unpaid loans (types of proceedings, how they should be developed…). He is a fellow member of the Malaga Bar Association (ICAM) and the Association of Former Students of the Escuela de Negocios ESESA.