Lawyer and partner of the firm

Joined the company in: 1995

Inmaculada Atencia Robledo

Office: Málaga
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Practice Areas
  • Graduate in Law by the University of Navarra (1995).
  • Expert Course on Corporate Law, Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA, 2015).
Professional experience

She and another two colleagues are responsible for leading the Banking Department of the firm. Inmaculada has been practising law since 1995 after being admitted to the Malaga Bar Association during that same year. She began exercising the profession when she joined the firm “Atencia Abogados” as a partner in 1996.

Since she joined the mentioned firm in 1995, she has developed her work in a continuous manner, mainly in the practice areas of civil and commercial law. Inmaculada has participated in the legal defence of many claims for payments, filed declaratory actions, submitted small debts proceedings or applications for the enforcement of judgements for the payment of debts, actions for the enforcement of judicial or non-judicial titles, and foreclosure proceedings, among others, as the lawyer representing a regional and then, national, financial entity which entrusted the legal defence of a considerable number of matters to the firm.

Similarly, and as regards to being the lawyer for companies dedicated to the construction, real estate and tourism sector, Inmaculada processes claims for payment against companies and private clients; actions for the termination of contracts due to breach or action to enforce the fulfilment of contractual obligations; compensation for damages; and eviction lawsuits due to the expiration of the agreed term or non-payment, among others.

As a lawyer for private clients, Inmaculada has participated in the processing of administrative and contentious-administrative files and cases related to family law.

Specialised advice

During her entire career and throughout all these years, Inmaculada has provided sound advice to a Professional Association at an autonomous level regarding, mainly, the defence of the profession, exercising actions towards preventing intrusion and unfair competition of the profession, intervening in the processing and initiation of informative and disciplinary files that were necessary for the mentioned purpose, or any other that was in the best interest of the institution. She has also carried out all the appropriate actions to adapt the rules that govern this profession to the applicable European Directives or any other law or provision that affects it and leads to the necessary modification of the rules that govern the profession after the entry into force of such rules. She attends Board Meetings and General Assemblies held in the scope of the Professional Association for her to provide the necessary advice as lawyer of such Professional Association.

With respect to her profession, she is jointly responsible with two other colleagues with a proven track record, for the Banking Department and together form a professional and organised team aimed at managing and leading the department with the purpose of optimising the management and training of the team of professionals that form it, to give an excellent service to the client.

With this in mind, they organise weekly meetings with a pre-set agenda, prepared in advance by the head of the Banking Department, to ensure all attendees know the matters to be discussed before the meeting. The team studies them before the meeting and they are then presented and discussed during the meeting. They dedicate one week of the month to the individual presentation of a subject of current interest for the department.

The work of each of the members of the department is closely monitored in these meetings to know the volume of cases they are dealing with to control the equitable distribution thereof.

The purpose is to ensure an excellent and constant level of training and organisation in the benefit of the client.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Inmaculada attended the Expert Course on Corporate Law during 2015 as a student at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA), which qualifies her as corporate legal counsel for companies requiring legal defence in their Management Boards, and in any other field that they need advice on in the course of their business activity.