Joined the company in: 2009

Rosa Lozano Egeda

Office: Málaga
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Practice Areas
  • Graduate in Law by the University of Barcelona (2008).
  • Graduate in Pedagogy by the University of Barcelona (2000).
Professional experience

Before joining GVA & ATENCIA, Rosa worked for a law firm in Sabadell (Barcelona), a family business, for five years, which she alternated with her law studies. When she moved to Malaga in 2009, she began to work at Atencia Abogados, where she specialised in banking law.

Rosa works for a leading banking entity in the Banking Department.

Her role entails drafting-up lawsuits, loan policies, business loans and credits; dealing with bills of exchange, guarantees, foreclosures, monetary enforcements, ordinary trials, small debt proceedings, financial leasing… All related to the proceedings within the banking field.

Rosa also oversees lawsuits, written documents and work in general carried out by other members of the team, all while maintaining the company informed of the developments through the bank managers.

She also processes submissions, objections, appeals, objections to appeals, appeals for reversal, oppositions, claims, attends trials, preliminary trials, hearings…

Highly specialised

Since the reform of the Law 1/2013 on measures to strengthen the protection for mortgage borrowers, debt restructuring and social leases, Rosa has specialised in matters related to abusive clauses linked to the floor clause, default interest and early maturity.

She also participates in the training sessions organised by the Banking Law Department of the firm and carries out research of the current jurisprudence related with the banking cases that reach her department through the “Westlaw insignis” platform.

Rosa addresses the different cases by studying, working and reflecting on them, thus being able to provide optimum quality advice to the client. When faced with an obstacle, the firm has quite a large Banking Department, able to respond to all kinds of problems that could arise.

She is a fellow member of the Malaga Bar Association.