At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia we have extensive experience of giving legal advice and solutions to professional associations, which are associations made up of member persons who practise a common profession. In legal terms, professional associations are public law bodies, covered by the law and recognised by the state, with their own legal personalities and full capacity for the performance of their ends.

In this case the key is to work with a multidisciplinary team which can provide a solution to all the legal situations with which it is presented. Thus at our firm we put at your disposal the best professionals from the different practice areas of law. In addition, these entities require particular attention, like that offered by our lawyers, because their activities are subject to administrative law and law of a private nature.

Officially, they are regulated by the Law of Professional Associations and the corresponding autonomous community legislation, although they also have their own regulatory instruments, which are fully familiar to our law firm. These instruments include the statutes of each association, the internal regulations, codes of conduct and the statutes of the regional and general councils.

From amongst the essential objectives that we defend for these organisations, we highlight the arrangement of the exercising of the professions covered, the exclusive representation of the profession, and the defence of the professional interests of their members, as well as the exercise of all those powers entrusted to them by the public authorities.

We also respond to consultations from members in relation to the exercise of the profession, as well as advising the associations and regional councils on the signing of agreements with public and private bodies in the processing of disciplinary proceedings and appeals, and the drafting of statutes and particular rules of the profession.

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