At GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia law firm we are specialists in arbitrations, a practice which makes for an easier way to resolve disputes, without resorting to court. For that reason, all the work is strategy-based and focussed on resolving disputes, including through negotiation and the conciliation of the parties. The firm has the best lawyers in the field, endorsed by their considerable experience, as well as the many successful cases they have acted in, covering all areas of law, and acting as arbitrators or as lawyers for one of the parties.

In this type of practice, the parties in dispute usually appoint an independent third party or arbitrator, commissioned to resolve the dispute in accordance with the legislation chosen by the parties themselves and limited by the agreement of those involved. Thus it is important to have the best legal advice in order to secure the most beneficial result possible.

Among the main advantages of arbitration are its speed and flexibility, in addition to being able to agree costs beforehand. As regards the principles that regulate it, the following should be noted:  the will of the parties, equality of treatment, the right to set out reasons and to know what is demanded, the freedom to configure the arbitration process and, finally, confidentiality.

Due to the many benefits which can be obtained through arbitration, lawyers play a fundamental role when representing the client’s interests. Trust in GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia and make us your advisers, given that we have the best professionals.

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