GVA & ATENCIA’s modern and spacious premises in the city of Malaga extend over 900 square metres and are found in the historic centre of the city, an area brimming with life and activity.



The Marbella office is in one of the most central locations of this developed coastal town, just off Avenida Ricardo Soriano, the main street which connects the east and west of Marbella.



GVA & ATENCIA’s Madrid office is located at a strategic point of the city, given that it is found only five minutes’ walk from the courts of Plaza de Castilla. Thus we are located right in the middle of Madrid’s business district.

Torre del Mar


In Torre del Mar the office of GVA & ATENCIA occupies a prime position since in the centre of this town in the east of Malaga province, which allows GVA & ATENCIA to provide comprehensive coverage throughout the entire province.



GVA & ATENCIA’s Bogota office is found in the heart of the Colombian capital, a most important location due to the considerable business activity in the area and the huge variety of businesses it contains.



The Medellin office of GVA & ATENCIA law firm offers great potential given that the city is growing day by day and its infrastructure is developing at the same pace.



In Honduras, GVA & ATENCIA has set up its office in the central district of Tegucigalpa, an expanding area thanks to the growth of its businesses and the increase in the number of tourists it receives.



GVA & ATENCIA has an associated law office in London, the European Union’s biggest city and one of its most important. The city’s cosmopolitan character and the large number of businesses it sustains were key arguments for the office’s location.



GVA & ATENCIA has an associated office in the capital of Norway, Oslo. We decided to have a presence in the city as it is the political and financial centre of the country, and also one of Europe’s most sophisticated cities.