GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia’s maxim is the study and analysis of each individual case in order to offer our clients bespoke, quality solutions.

A contract is defined as an agreement, oral or written, between parties which binds them in a certain matter, and the performance of which can be required. Thus it involves an agreement in which rights and obligations of both parties are generated.

Our law firm never ceases to check all the elements of the legal act found in the contract, and has ample experience of the different types of agreements that are most commonly signed. All of that, together with in-depth knowledge of the circumstances of the client and/or business, ensures that the Contract Law Department is continually expanding.

Our firm has lawyers who specialise in applying legal principles to different contracts.

Our law firm pays special attention to contractual consent or will, that is, to the free disposition of both parties to accept the terms and conditions of the contract. In addition, our professionals are specialists in «defective consent«, which refers to external factors which modify the intention of one of the parties.

The most common external factors which face the lawyers at GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia, and of which we have the most experience, are mistake, duress, and deceit or fraud. There is mistake when this arises regarding one of the essential features of the contract, duress when there is any type of force which causes fear in one of the parties, and deceit when it involves deceit of one of the parties in consenting to the contract.